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Four lessons – It is by giving that you then can start receiving; a major factor in growing your business:

One lesson that has taken almost a decade to learn is this one, especially from a business perspective. It is…

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The value of building business relationships first before trading

I had never looked at this very important aspect of business, when i started business 10 years ago i was…

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Every business goes through cycles it is what you do during those cycles that makes a difference over time

Life itself is serious of waves flowing in and out from the good, the bad to the ugly to the…

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To grow your business you must first grow yourself

After running the same business for the last 10 years i have come to appreciate that every time i needed…

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A business that I started from home and has continued to thrive even during the hard economic times

Selling domain names, hosting space and designing websites is not the regular business women opt to start. One there is…

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