26Sep, 2018

5 Basic tips when selling shoes online and more so on Facebook

I started selling shoes online a few years ago and over time i have been able to build a stable business, i stock most shoes in my home store while the more high end shoes i buy on order. I would like to share some of the tips i have learnt over time so that others who are moving there products online learn and do not make the same mistakes i made when starting my online shop.

1. Learn what are your fast moving products and what sits on the shelf for long and push the fast moving, i made the mistake of thinking that what i liked was supposed to be my fast moving product but my customers proved me wrong time and time again.

2. It is not important to have a physical shop: If you have already a physical presence you do not need to close it however if you do not, this is not the most important thing at the moment. Instead take good and crystal clear photos of your products. Invest in a good camera, lay the item against a clear wall or use a cloth on the background, the cloth should cover the whole back ground not parts of it otherwise it will look tacky and a waist of time.

3. Invest in a good web page,  domain name and hosting service provider. This can cause you sleepless hours if you build traffic to the website then when potential customers the do not find the site up. Have a clean web page with your products visible on the home page not on some other page that is difficult to find. Ensure to have prices on the low cost products as you do not want to handle calls for low cost products before someone has decided to buy.

4. Use Social media to build traffic and traction to the website: I find alot of people using social media as the webpage instead as the marketing tool, third party tools can change, be shut down etc. in short i am saying put your shop where you are fully in control. Build an audience around current topics, share useful information other than just photos of your products on social media.

5. Finally learn about how the online platform works, most of it is easy to use if you but just put in some time to learn how it works, what works, when and where it works. For several years i relied on interns and outsourced people to manage my work online, until on day i was feeling really frustrated at the pace of work. I decided to start learning what to do myself and lo and behold i was able to cover more ground in 1 month than i had in 1 year this says alot. Interns and students like you are learning and because the sense of urgency is not as much there pace will be much slower, their goals will be different from yours. Outsourced staff are working on other projects and will focus on what pays them more and who makes the most noise.


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