16Aug, 2017

Benefits of a Personalized Business Email Address

The free email services are great for your personal need, but I know I’m not the only one who doubts the professionalism of people using one of the free email services for business purposes. Paying for a hosted email account is easier and cheaper than you think, especially when you consider the increased credibility, branding opportunities, and other benefits they provide.

Here are some of the benefits of a personalized business email address:


Whether you like it or not, there are prejudgment opinions about the domain that your email address uses. Would you really take someone with an AOL.com email address seriously? Most of the people would not take that address seriously if it’s for business. It’s time for a new business email address. you@yourdomain.com (info@onlineshop.com) looks a lot better and professional than gonzo1952@yahoo.com or mamagael56@gmail.com.

Build Your Brand

With every email you send to your customers, vendors and anyone else, ensure you mark it with your domain name and your brand. Use a brand-building signature while you’re at it.

This is easier to do so when you have a personalized business email address.

Be Remembered

When you interact with a customer or a vendor by email, they’ll know exactly how to find your business online because it’s in your email address. The same is true if someone forwards one of your mails. Your online business address is right there for those leads to follow.

Keep It for Life

Unlike your @attn.net, @comcast.net and other such internet provider-based addresses that disappears if you change internet providers. The business email address does not go away.

Email Addresses by Department

Separate your incoming mails by its purpose by having department email addresses. Even if you’re a one-person shop, having addresses like billing@yourdomain.co, customersupport@yourdomain.co and careers@yourdomain.co can help manage your incoming mails and even make you look like a bigger company than you might actually be.

Getting a custom email address is as easy as getting your custom domain and setting up an email account through your web hosting account. Visit us to get one for your business!

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