25Feb, 2022

8 Tips on Selling handmade goods online

Many people love to make and sell handmade goods and would like to do so online. It is a great way to sell handmade goods because the internet has no borders and can reach thousands of people looking for new things worldwide. This article will introduce you to tips on successfully selling handmade goods.

Starting right

When selling handmade goods online, the first thing to consider is the price of your products. Setting up an account on Etsy or eBay is free. However, it will cost you money if you sell something that does not meet their selling criteria. Selling your products for too low a price will make you lose money. Selling them for too high a price will not necessarily make you more money.

So, what is the right price when selling handmade goods online? From interactions, I’ve learned that selling them for a bit less than their actual value at the initial stages of a business is ideal. This applies to many types of companies. Slightly lower prices of quality products are attractive to new clients.

Having said that, I would also advise having two accounts on such selling platforms. One version should be selling handmade goods for a little more than its selling price, and another selling for a little less.

Focus on environment-friendly products

In every business, it is essential to have a unique selling point. Focusing on environment-friendly products is a compelling, unique selling point when selling handmade goods.

Companies are evolving in how they conduct their operations. Environment-friendly goods are becoming the trend in the manufacturing sector. The world has suffered enough from environmental degradation. As entrepreneurs, we have a critical role to play in environmental conservation. Research and innovate on environment-friendly handmade products.

Flexibility and Customization

A unique aspect of selling handmade goods is customizing the goods to meet the clients’ preferences. There is the personalization aspect and sentiment when selling handmade goods. Ensure it is easy to change your products to satisfy your clients. However, customization shouldn’t compromise the quality of the product.

Leverage social media

Social media is growing in terms of its reach and impact. More and more buyers are using social media for various purposes. First, potential clients do product reviews and get recommendations from social media. Second, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products.

Research on the various platforms and marketing strategies for each platform. Understand all the analytics. Also, social media platforms are essential for customer service and engagement. Engage your clients through your social media platforms. Respond to their queries, and show your clients that you care by interacting with them.

Handmade goods often have a personal touch and sentiment about them. Use these platforms to build brand loyalty. Sometimes, it may be better to focus on one or two platforms and give them maximum attention. Selling handmade goods is a tedious job when operating solo. It would be best if you had time to create quality products.

Use hashtags to reach out to potential clients interested in similar products. You can also decide to participate in social media challenges. Be creative and unique in your approach. Influencer marketing on social media has proven very effective when selling handmade goods online.

Keeping your stock fresh is essential when selling handmade goods online.

As mentioned previously, creating the product on time is as important as selling the product. Don’t keep your clients waiting for too long. It is advisable not to focus on a massive line of products. Instead, focus on a specific line of products and make them as unique as possible.

The uniqueness will be your selling point. Do one thing, and do it well. It will help you develop a niche market and in refining your skills. In addition, having a niche market enables you to build a loyal client base.

It is essential to refresh your stock constantly. Let even existing clients see new products when they revisit your website or online page. Also, do not list items that are not in stock. It is very unpleasant when you decide to buy a listed product and then be told it is out of stock. It may lead to negative reviews.

High-quality images are essential when selling handmade goods online

High-quality images are a necessity for online sales. Human beings are visual creatures. When they like what they see, they will buy the product. The images should show all angles of the products.

Capture your unique selling point through images. Invest in professional photography. It will boost your sales drastically.

Build a strong brand

Brand building is an essential aspect of online sales. It applies to every other business aside from selling handmade goods online. It begins with coming up with a memorable business name and catchy slogan.

Next, identify the colour schemes you want to be associated with your business. Research on different logo combinations and how they appeal to the potential client. What message do the colour combinations pass across?

Finally, create a company website and aggressively drive traffic to your website. There are different ways to drive traffic to your website. Customer service is crucial to building your brand. The client is king. Serve them well, and they will sing praises about your company and product.

Online security is essential when selling handmade goods online

Security is essential whether you choose to sell handmade goods through your website or other online marketplaces. Ensure your website is permanently protected. Acquire an SSL certificate to protect your website permanently.

In addition, consult with your web hosting company to conduct regular website audits. Hackers notoriously target e-commerce websites. Only use safe online payment options when transacting with your clients.

Selling handmade goods has become a lucrative online business.

The growth of the internet and social media, in particular, has improved the connectivity between the buyer and the seller. It has become easier to build brands and engage with clients. Entrepreneurs should ensure they collaborate with hosting companies that ensure their websites and online stores are secure.

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