29Sep, 2018

A business that I started from home and has continued to thrive even during the hard economic times

Selling domain names, hosting space and designing websites is not the regular business women opt to start. One there is some learning you need go through before you can confidently start selling these services, this also ensures that not too many people come into the pool leaving enough business for those already in it. I started this business more out of frustration and a slight nudge from a friend about 10 years ago, when she had trouble with her website and business email and was looking someone who could handle her account maturely and help them the resolve there problem. Luckily I had some prior IT experience and while it was slightly different it was enough to help me research, find a resolution to her problem and help her. She then asked me why can’t you package what you have taught me and start knocking on doors I am sure someone else is just like me out there and would benefit from your services. At that time I had closed two other businesses and was now back to school as well as looking for another job. Since I had nothing much to loose I took up the challenge and as they say the rest is history. It has not been 10 years I am not super rich but I am able to feed my four children and provide enough for them and I to live a comfortable life.


But why does this type of business continue to thrive during difficult times:

  1. It has a component called recurring revenue every year a customer has to renew their account this means that each customer that you bring on board is for life well unless your service is so poor that they run to the competition.
  2. Most of customers are other businesses if they scale down due to a down turn in the economy the last thing they shall do is shut down their business email address.
  3. Everything is going online with the government now setting the pace eventually everyone will be online, writers, bloggers, shops, registries you do not want to miss a peace of that cake when this happens. Over the last 10 years a lot has changed today customers wall in for services 10 years ago you had to knock on doors all the time and convince.

What do you need to get started?

  1. Invest in a laptop you can’t do this business from a tablet or phone you need to be able to work comfortably, you will still need a phone to make quick checks online.
  2. A bulk hosting service provider for minimum investment of Ksh 3,000/- per month you can get space you can resell from your home.
  3. Some pocket money or bus far and air time to be able to call potential clients to sign up for your services.
  4. A keen interest to learn and learn and learn and not give up.

Today I am willing to train 10 people who would like to start this business and walk with them the same journey I have walked to help them set up a similar business please fill the form below if you are interested.

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