24Jan, 2022

A Great Mobile App

Mobile applications have taken over the digital landscape. We use them for communication, entertainment, education, transactions, and many other things. In 2020, over 2.5 million apps were available for download on Google Play Store. 2.5 million! If you want your app to sell, you have to make it stand out. A great mobile app requires certain essentials. Great apps share certain similar features that separate them from mediocre ones. I will highlight some of the requirements below.

A great mobile app solves users’ problem(s).

Whenever a user searches for an app, they’re searching for a solution to a particular problem they have. Maybe they’re bored and want an app to entertain them. Perhaps they want an app that lets them take detailed notes during lectures. Users all have specific needs. A great mobile app fulfils their needs in the best way possible. If you want your app to sell, provide the best solution on the market. It’s what makes your app stand out from the rest. Focus on giving your user the best solution to their problems.

A great mobile app is fast and reliable.

All great mobile apps are fast and reliable. Speed is important. The quicker your mobile app loads and runs on a device, the better. Users want their needs met in as short a time frame as possible. Therefore, optimise your app for quick loading times. Also, nobody wants to use an app that crashes one minute after they open it. Ensure to test and debug your code before releasing the app thoroughly. Whenever you come across undetected errors, release an update. Do it before many users notice it to maintain your apps reputation for stability. Constant improvement keeps you at the top.

The mobile app should be simple yet elegant. 

Before adding any extra features, define what you want your app to do and find the simplest way to accomplish that. This ensures that your app does what it promises to do well. Always focus on providing a great user experience. Design a UI that your users will enjoy using. User Testing is an essential aspect of the app development process. Get as much feedback as possible. In addition, improve the app as much as you can before and after its release. Please make it so that your app is so good that users want to use it more. Navigating the app should be as intuitive and as frictionless as possible. Apps that spam users with pop-up advertisements tend not to sell very well. A great mobile app simplifies complex tasks.

Make your application available across multiple platforms.

This lets you reach a broader market. Cross-platform compatibility makes your app stand out more than those exclusively available on one platform. If a user wants to switch from Android to iOS, they can still keep using your app, allowing you to retain users. Work with a team of mobile app developers familiar with each platform you want to store your app. The skill-set required varies from platform to platform. Perform app testing on each platform, do not just test it on one and assume the app will function the same on other platforms. You can find out more about the different mobile app platforms here.

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