22Mar, 2022

Advantages of Dedicated Email Servers

Dedicated email servers are servers set aside for only business emails. A dedicated server is a server rented by an individual or a business for exclusive use. When an individual or business rents a dedicated server from a hosting company, it’s typically for one of two reasons: To host a high-traffic, resource-intensive website, e.g., busy e-commerce site To host a high-traffic, resource-intensive application. Setting up a dedicated email server has various advantages over using webmail or free email hosting services. Below is why one should opt for a dedicated email server.

Dedicated email servers enhance overall business security

Using a dedicated email server provides a business with a high level of security. One can implement custom and standard email encryption software to protect sensitive information such as bank details or medical records. Moreover, shared email servers pose a greater risk to data because more users can access the server. Malicious scripts sent to one client may attack and undermine the shared server, making it difficult to access resources. In addition, one can delay both outgoing and incoming emails. As a result, there may be loss or theft of sensitive data . Dedicated servers are also less likely to suffer from DDOS attacks. One can also implement a custom data recovery plan to mitigate data loss, enhancing security.

Dedicated servers ensure greater control over certain aspects of business email.

Dedicated email servers also provide a high level of scalability. They offer a large amount of storage space; thus, growing companies can handle increasing email traffic. Free email servers offer a limited amount of server space (e.g., g-mail’s 15GB limit for personal email addresses) Also, one can alter parameters such as maximum file sizes on attachments or limits on file types sent to suit the business’ needs. For example, a record label may need to increase the maximum file size on attachments to allow the transfer of high-quality audio via email. On the other hand, lossless audio file formats such as FLAC or WAV can be as large as 1GB for a single song!

Faster speeds

Having a dedicated server means that a client uses 100% of the server’s resources, unlike in a shared server. This leads to faster load and response times. Faster speeds allow for ease of communication via email, enabling one to run their business more efficiently.

Greater reliability

Unlike shared servers that allocate resources to several different clients, dedicated servers allocate all their resources to serve one client. This means that the server is more reliable since it avoids the usual pitfalls of sharing resources such as: network congestion, poor loading times during peak usage hours, occasional crashes and frequent downtime. At Softlink Options, we offer dedicated server hosting services with 99.9% uptime which is highly reliable and will suit most clients’ needs.


Since a dedicated server is set aside for one sole purpose, it allows for greater flexibility in fulfilling a business’s needs. For example, one is not limited to using a single OS. One can customize it depending on the company’s needs. In addition, a company can upgrade RAM and disk space in the future if their demand increases. A company may also choose to increase the bandwidth if there is higher email traffic. This means that a company can use one server to serve it as it grows from an SME to a large enterprise. We offer digital solutions to all businesses and organizations. Our goal is to improve business efficiency and, in turn, fasten the adoption of technology in solving global problems. CONTACT US in case of any queries. We take pride in the quality of our products and services.
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