14Feb, 2014

The Difference between Developing a Program for a PC and Mobile Phone App

The success of mobile programming means that there are many developers who would like to make the leap from being a software developer for desktop/tablet applications to being a developer…

13Feb, 2014

The Development of Mobile Application Software

The popularity of mobile application software in the past few years has surged with mobile applications giving PC/laptop applications competition for the same consumers. Companies such as Apple having noticed…

03Feb, 2014

The difference between an inexperienced and experienced Website developer

We have previously discussed the mistakes that people make when planning their websites including the demand for over the top site and too many images on a single page. Today…

01Feb, 2014

Which Browser best suits your needs?

For a long time Microsoft dominated the browser market with Internet Explorer in spite of its poor services and slow speeds. However by the year 2000 Mozilla had developed Firefox…

24Jan, 2014

The Operating System Software war between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve jobs was a revolutionary in the world of IT and his legacy as the first company in thirteen years to dethrone Coca-cola as the most valuable brand in the…

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