19Jan, 2022

Brand Awareness: How to Increase It

What is brand awareness? Coca-Cola, Naivas, Safaricom. These are brands Kenyans can easily recognize. People are familiar with these brands due to their visibility. Why is this? The companies have invested a lot in marketing their brands, increasing their brand awareness. What strategies can you use to get your brand to be as well-known as these?

Social Media for Brand Awareness

Cultivate a large social media following. Without an online presence, you are severely limiting your brand’s reach. Any brand that takes itself earnestly should strive to cultivate a large social media following. Each of the brands I mentioned in the introduction of this post has a presence on major social media sites. Use hashtags creatively to increase your brand awareness. Interact with social media users to increase engagement with your social media accounts. Let customers know that you are aware of their needs and show how you will fulfill them.

Events and Networking

Another way to increase brand awareness is through events. Community events are a fantastic way to get eyeballs on your brand. They allow the community in your area to interact with your brand. These events are also a great way to establish your brand in places where people aren’t aware. A well-organized community event will increase your brand awareness. In addition, attend networking events. Significant networking events can get your brand noticed by many high net-worth individuals. If you represent your brand well during the event, you may land clients willing to pay for your services and products. Networking events are a great way to create connections to generate leads for your sales team. Please take advantage of them.


Advertisements are an effective way to get your brand noticed by potential customers. I would encourage business owners to take advantage of as many advertisement routes as possible, whether analogue or digital. Identify your target market’s problems and show them how you can solve them. You’re only limitation is your budget and creativity.

Promotions and Rewards as a Tool for Brand Awareness

Giving rewards is a fabulous way to attract new customers and retain old ones. However, this approach requires having knowledge of your customers and knowing what sort of rewards will entice them. Supermarkets are known for using this approach by offering shoppers coupons and reward cards.

Everybody loves freebies. If it is within your budget, give out freebies. They will get people talking. Suppose the service or product you offer is fantastic. In that case, you will be able to convert some of the people who accepted your freebies into customers.

Establish partnerships

Partnerships are a great way to exploit an existing market; partner up with companies whose target market matches yours. You can turn their audience into yours and sell your products to them. Look at all the sports brands that partner with famous athletes to promote their products. Companies like Nike and Adidas take advantage of partnerships to boost their sales, even going so far as to name shoes after the athletes they pay to promote their products. Your approach does not have to be this extreme. As long as you can leverage your partners already existing market to generate sales, your partnership will be profitable.

Brand awareness is vital for businesses. So take the initiative and put your brand out there.

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