29Jan, 2022


The Beginning

Allow me to narrate to you a short story. The beginning of my brand consistency journey. Today, a client, Bob, whom I’ve offered solutions for close to a decade, asked me what I enjoy most about my work? I paused for about a minute to figure out what I enjoy the most; to be honest, there are numerous things I enjoy about being in business. My initial thought was that my job allows me to impact the overall efficiency of companies significantly.

Take the case of our Human Resource Management software, which enables managers to simplify employee data management. I can streamline employee management for companies, which improves overall efficiency. It gives me pure joy when I go through clients’ financial statements, especially in the case of public entities. I’ve offered solutions that enable year improvements in profit margins. My contribution may be small compared to the staff who work day in day out to meet organization goals. Still, it was significant nonetheless, and I am one to celebrate all kinds of victories, the big and the small. I t took my a while to realize but that was the beginning of my brand consistency journey.

My love for problem solving was important in achieving brand consistency

My next thought was that every day I wake up logged into my email account, a client in distress offers me the chance to solve their problem. I am a problem solver by nature. My mother keeps on reminding me how I loathed being in any form of anguish or discomfort as an infant and all along growing up. I always wanted an immediate solution to my problem. I would always be an active participant in the problem-solving process. The process of solving problems fuels my body. Consistently solving client problems to the best of my ability help my achieve brand consistency.

My journey was slow that I hadn’t realized I had achieved brand consistency

Coincidentally as we talked with Bob, the email he had sent me the previous day was on display on my laptop screen. One sentence immediately brought a smile to my face, “On the colour schemes, our primary colours are red and white. I leave the creativity to you. You always do a good job.” That statement meant that I was consistent with my product. My journey to brand consistency was at a good place. To make it even better, it is a statement that I continually hear from most of my clients, especially those that I had served for the better part of a decade. However, this hasn’t always been the case. During the first five years, I struggled with delivering a consistent product. I had established my brand created awareness but lacked brand consistency. Clients such as Bob, a venture capitalist, always wrote lengthy emails that were very thorough in detail about what they expected from me. There was a continuous follow-up, and once or twice they sought solutions from other companies. I eventually gave Bob my response “What I like most about my work is that people trust that I’ll give them a quality product.” My advice to my fellow entrepreneurs is to focus on consistency to the extent that the once in-depth detailed emails evolve to brief statements. As you differentiate your brand, always give your clients a positive experience to the extent they trust you. Trust me. It’s a beautiful feeling. Want to gain more insight on brand consistency and digital solutions for your business. CONTACT US. We offer effective digital solutions to our clients that meet their needs and preferences. Don’t forget to check out all our products and services.
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