01Feb, 2014

Which Browser best suits your needs?

For a long time Microsoft dominated the browser market with Internet Explorer in spite of its poor services and slow speeds. However by the year 2000 Mozilla had developed Firefox and gave Internet explorer a run for its money. Since then, several other browsers have developed leaving many people not sure which is the best. The following is an analysis of the big four, where they’re from, their strengths and their weaknesses.

chrome Chrome: Supported by Google, Chrome has gone to become one of the most popular browsers there is. Its biggest advantage is that it is fast. Your web pages will load fast certainly but it is not recommended for those on a limited internet plan due to its high data consumption rate. No browser will consume your data bandles faster than chrome.

internet explorerInternet Explorer: Produced by Microsoft for Windows, its popularity decreased significantly over the past few years as it couldn’t keep up with Mozilla in terms of innovativeness especially with Firefox been an open source application. It has however made a comeback and its latest version is comparable to its competitors. It must be noted that Internet Explorer has the lowest data consumption rate of all the browser options available and so it could be a blessing to those who are frugal with their consumption rates. Its biggest shortcoming is that it does not load pages as well as chrome or Firefox especially if large or many images are involved.

firefoxFirefox: Started by Mozilla, it has gone to be one of the best browsers available and was responsible for making Microsoft wake up and smell the burning Ugali. It has the best balance between speed and data consumption and being open source its store for plug-ins and add-ons is the biggest there is. Its biggest shortcoming is that it is still slower than Chrome in page loading and so continues to play second fiddle.

opera miniOpera: The only Non-American developed browser, Opera from Norway is a product of opera software and has considerable popularity as a free browser. Its mobile version is however the most popular mobile browser there is. Opera has a turbo mode unlike any other browser that will compress pages for you through its servers in Norway making your browsing experience faster if on a slow connection. It is also open source but has yet to reach the level of Mozilla in terms of Add-on and plug-in options. For us however this doesn’t matter, whichever browser you use we ensure that your website design is light and is as visible as this one.

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