19Jan, 2022


How to Successfully Shift your Business Online.

This pandemic has forced many businesses to shut down or downsize their physical operations due to movement restrictions and curfews. These unique circumstances have prompted many business owners to consider shifting the majority of their business online. If you’re a business owner considering going down this path, continue reading this article.

  •  Website for conducting business online

When shifting their business online, one should first create a website. Register a domain name, pay for hosting and get a web designer/developer to set up your website. This ensures your business is easily accessible to customers 24/7. In addition, websites are a great way to display your brand, products and give your business a ton of credibility. Most people wouldn’t trust a company that lacks a website and choose competitors with websites.

Finally, having a website is very useful for customer support. For example, one can create a page that answers most customers FAQs. The days of picking up phones to answer questions such as “Where is your business located?” are long gone. Instead, your customer service department can focus on more pressing matters requiring their attention.

Softlink Options registers domain names, provides hosting and does web design.

  • Email address for communicating with clients online

Next, one should set up a professional email address. Again, this gives your business credibility. Your business appears to be more professional, and potential clients will take it seriously compared to a generic email address. Plus, a professional email address promotes your website indirectly since it contains your websites domain name. Finally, find a professional or business that can help you secure hosting for your emails and get them to set it up for you. We offer email hosting services.

  • Setup a Google ‘My Business’ online profile.

Setting up this profile is a sure-fire way to increase customer engagement with your business. It’s a free tool that allows you to promote your Business Profile and business website on Google Search and Maps. Whenever customers in your area search for products or services that you happen to offer, your business will be among the first shown in the search results. In addition, customers can leave reviews of your business, and positive ratings increase your ranking in Google’s search results. This enables you to reach even more customers. Also, you can put your business’ physical address, and customers can easily find your office(s) via google maps.

  •  Setup various social media accounts to market improve brand visibility for your business online. 

Social media is a valuable tool for reaching out to and interacting with customers. 4.55 billion people around the world currently use social media. Businesses should try to leverage this to engage with customers and increase their brand's visibility. It is a fantastic marketing tool. Retail stores can use Instagram to advertise their products. Many companies use Twitter for customer service purposes. Social media is a great way to show the world what you offer. You have a far greater reach than you word through other forms of advertising. The limitations of social media will depend on your creativity. 

  • Electronic payments

It is imperative to ensure that you have a way to receive payments from clients. In Kenya, the easiest way to obtain cash electronically is via Mpesa. Other methods include Paypal, which can integrate with Mpesa, and electronic funds transfer through your bank. For more information about electronic funds transfers, please get in touch with a representative from your bank.

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