15Feb, 2016

5 Reasons Companies That Use ERP Software Generate More Revenue

Many companies, as a result of the desire to stay on top of their game, are looking to technological ways of achieving effective solutions that cut costs but retain a…

06Feb, 2016

4 Things to Consider in Order to Attract Potential Customers Online

Let’s face this, social marketing is a lot of work and acquiring customers online is really difficult and time consuming. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your online store for…

01Feb, 2016

Online Marketing Is Paramount Today

Online marketing has become a necessity. You can’t be counted relevant in today’s crowded market if you are not online. A high percentage of internet users use Google to find…

01Jul, 2015

The Impact of Social Media

This week saw the world mark Social Media Day and what better way to celebrate than to touch on its importance to your business. Social media provides a platform for your…

22Aug, 2014

Popular Websites

What makes some websites more popular than others? This is a question many of us who are going online for the first time wonder and many try to make popular…

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