05Aug, 2014

Web Hosting Services

The topic of focus today is web hosting and web hosting services. Web hosting basically involves making ones website accessible via the World Wide Web. It is a very powerful…

04Aug, 2014

Email Management

The IT landscape is changing at an amazing speed and even techies have to struggle  to keep up with the change.  In the large corporate sector, IT managers undergo  constant…

16May, 2014

Tips to Make your Website Popular

You have invested a lot and finally got that website that you really wanted. Its design is just what you wanted and the colour scheme fits exactly what you specified.…

12May, 2014

Is your Information Technology Department up To Date

Information Technology is no doubt the fastest changing industry in today’s world. Just to put in perspective the speed of the change, lets compare IT to the building Industry. While…

05May, 2014

.co.ke domain over dot com domain

The advantage of a .co.ke domain over dot com domain. The choice of a domain name is a serious consideration for any one selecting a domain name. Normally the choice of…

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