29Sep, 2017

Characteristics of a good domain name

Keep it simple and Easy to remember

Many internet users do not use bookmarks. They memorize the domain names of their favorite websites that they can easily remember. If your domain name has difficult name and is long you may easily loose such visitors to your website. This is because your domain name cannot be remembered easily.

E.g. xcresty.org is short but it is not easy to remember. Use simple words while registering domains.

They should be short

Good domain names are short. They can contain a letter and a number or letter and a symbol. It doesn’t matter whichever you choose as long you can easily remember it. A shorter domain name is highly recommended since your clients or followers can easily remember it. e.g. security.net is shorter compared to biosecurity.net

Always try to keep the domain name below 10 characters and let it not exceed 20. Also, remember that one-word domains are like 4billion shillings, two word ones are 4million shillings and three word domains are 400,000 shillings. And does it even need to be told that above three is really a bad idea?


Easy to spell

The last thing you want is visitors misspelling your domain and ending up somewhere else.Avoid unusual difficult or foreign words, words that have complex pronunciation, strange combinations of letters and anything else that might cause someone to misspell your address.Example: CappuccinoBar.com might be problematic for English speaking visitors. Cappuccino is an Italian word, and not everyone is aware where the doubles are placed.

Should be consistent and brandable

A brand able domain will have a nice pronunciation, an interesting combination of letters or simply an appealing visual effect. Sometimes they will not be descriptive, but they can be equally efficient.Brand able domains will make your visitors associate the name with your website and its content. (Notice that brand able domains can be descriptive at the same time, but that is not always the case.)

Example: Kotaku.com is one of the most popular gaming blogs on the Internet. The domain is not descriptive at all, but the brand is so strong that gamers immediately recognize it across the web.


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