05May, 2014

.co.ke domain over dot com domain

The advantage of a .co.ke domain over dot com domain.

The choice of a domain name is a serious consideration for any one selecting a domain name. Normally the choice of a name would be synonymous with the organization name. But what about the suffix? Is there any advantage in having a .co.ke domain over a .com domain.

The answer to this question is that, sometimes having a .co.ke domain has certain advantages over a .com domain or a .net domain.

The first advantage of a .co.ke domain is that it is a localized domain and hence gives some assurance that the organization encountered online is registered in Kenya and can be located in Kenya. This is a major advantage particularly in online business because it gives the assurance that the organization contacted has a presence in the country it is operating in. A .com domain does not give that assurance because most .com domains are located in the United States and Canada and the orgranisation represented could be anywhere in the world.

Another major advantage of a .co.ke domain is localization of content and tapping into the patriotic feelings of customers and clients. This can be particularly assuring in service industries where buyers would tend to want to purchase from local suppliers as they are able to form a working relationship with them and to develop their supply chain with a local firm. Having a local domain name is a great way to tap into clients patriotism and ride that wave to success.

A more technical reason for having a local domain , is the ability to track and monitor user activity on your website by having localized domains for each country of operation. This applies more to a large organization operating in more than one country. For such an organisation it would be advantageous to host local domains for each country of operation so as to keep a tab on visitors to the site. Having several domains for each country is a sure way to collect such information and keep track of visitors to a site.

Another technical reason to acquire a co.ke domain is search results. Many search engines including Google will rank a country domain higher than a .com domain of the same name all other factors being constant. As such, a search for the company Cheki will rank cheki.co.ke higher than cheki.com making it easier to spot online.

Finally the .co.ke domain is managed by a local organization and hence by choosing to use it one is essentially building their own country. Just like the slogan buy Kenya and Build Kenya, buy .co.ke and build Kenya.

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