07Mar, 2018

How to deal with Spam Emails

Spam emails also called “junk emails” are unwanted emails sent to your inbox and have no significant importance.

These junk emails can lead to virus attacks intended for malicious activities like loss or damage of your data or even hardware. They may also create annoyance and unnecessary tension as this emails are fake and not meant for you. Finally, they may cause clogging of your email box leading to disk space fill-up.

Spam emails are unwanted emails and it can be hard to prevent them. However undertaking such preventive actions outlined here can minimize the amount of spam emails you receive:


Create a temporary / fake email address

Using your official email or even personal email for sign up to untrusted sites, blogs and media sites is one of the ways to get exposed to spam. Creating a temporary or fake email with free and personal email providers like Gmail or Yahoo can help you in-case you are not sure in places you sign up.

Example: fake.mail2016@gmail.com or forapps123@gmail.comThe fake account will cause you no harm as you will certainly use it for such activities hence safeguarding your real email address.

Unsubscribe from spam

For most spam emails there is a unsubscribe button at the bottom which you can use to stop future emails from those sites you are subscribed in.

Don’t open unknown Email attachments

This will prevent the spread of viruses to your machine in-case the attachment is corrupt.

Delete the spam message

Deleting it makes sure you are safe in-case there is a virus.

DO NOT REPLY to the spam message

Don’t respond to spam emails if you are not sure who the sender is. NEVER retaliate with more spam; you’re just worsening the problem.

Be aware of Service provider Impersonating emails

Some spam mails can appear as your ISP or Email service provider yet they are individuals who are directing you to click a link or just needs your attention.

NB: We will either call you in case of issues with disk space or send you an official email with the softlinkoptions.com domain i.e. for support the email will read support@softlinkoptions.com

Forward Suspicious Email(s) to us

Report the spam to our Help Desk and we will scrutinize if they are genuine or not.

Set up mail filtering rules to automatically delete the mail, or move it to a separate mail folder.

Filtering the mail is particularly helpful if you are unlucky enough to receive offensive spam. In most instances, if you do not respond to the mail, it will stop in days, weeks, or up to a few months. Be patient, and it will eventually stop.

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