12Oct, 2017

Benefits of using Dedicated Servers for your Business

Renting a dedicated server is much expensive compared to shared hosting but it has several benefits that will be discussed below. While many are moving to the cloud or trusting their cheap shared hosting, dedicated servers still provide the best hosting option for most companies and websites

With dedicated server there is better performance. There is no need of worrying other users having an impact on your site’s performance.

A dedicated server allows more flexibility because you can customize the software configuration of the server as compared to shared hosting. However, this means you should have enough technical knowledge on how to configure your server so that your website works properly as it should.

Dedicated hosting offers all resources of a server to only one client. This means there is privacy in dedicated hosting as compared to shared hosting where all resources have to be shared among clients being on a specific server.

There is more security. If you’re on a shared server, you count on hundreds, maybe thousands of other clients to keep their sites and accounts secure. A mistake made by someone else may cost you. With a dedicated server, you don’t have this type of security concern. You’re the only one on the server, so if a mistake is made, it was your fault not someone else’s. You also get the ability to customize the server security however you please.

With dedicated server you will have a unique IP address.A unique IP address helps with SEO and other parts of any online project. This means you will gain full control of it; you won’t be sharing the same IP with other users and have the best rank for your website.


As your business grows and your website expands, you’ll inevitably need more space and resources. Dedicated hosting allows you to get additional space much more easily, without you having to migrate to a new server or even to a new hosting provider. This type of hosting has the advantage of providing you the opportunity to scale up with a minimum amount of fuss.

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