24Jan, 2022

Designing an Attractive Website

Everybody hates ugly websites. No one wants to spend their time browsing an unattractive website. Having an attractive website for your business is very important in the digital age. So, what are the steps in designing an attractive website?

User-Friendliness is the first consideration in designing an attractive website.

First and foremost, one should strive to design a user-friendly website. That means that users should navigate through it quickly and find the content they need. In addition, it should feel intuitive to use. A user needs to see what they want without spending much time navigating the site. To achieve this, display important content prominently. For example, place your navigation bar in an area where it can be easily seen, such as the top of the web page. Use fonts that are easy to read. If your website contains images, ensure they are relevant and high quality.

Responsive design

Responsive design is an essential aspect of designing an attractive website. If your website looks good on PC but not on mobile, you’re doing something wrong. A user should experience a responsive website across multiple devices, Ipads, phones, laptops, tablets; you name it. The design should adapt and change depending on the device being used to view it. For example, find a website you think is attractive and open it up on two different devices. Notice how elements on the page are positioned differently and resized across the two other devices. This ensures that the website looks attractive regardless of what device a user views it from. This is a significant key to designing an attractive website.

High-quality content

Posting high-quality content is a must for designing an attractive website. Your website is your content! Please pay attention to what you post and ensure it fulfils your users’ needs. For example, it makes no sense to post news stories on a clothing stores website (unless this news is related to fashion).


A good website should be simple. Bombarding your users with too many things at once loses their attention. Instead, display only the most critical and relevant content. Frequently use whitespace to avoid cluttering your pages. A minimalistic approach tends to be effective when designing an attractive website. And when you do decide to add some spice to your minimalistic design, it makes it all the more eye-catching.

Colour-schemes matter when designing an attractive website.

Carefully select an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme for your website and test it out. This link is an excellent place to find colour schemes for your website. Stick with colours you picked and use them on most of your web pages throughout your website


Consistency is critical when it comes to designing an attractive website. Once you have decided upon a particular aesthetic for your website, stick to it. Next, consistently update your website content to ensure it is relevant and up to date. For example, if your website contains a blog, post consistently. This helps improve your website’s SEO and organically generates traffic.

Follow these tips, and you’ll end up with a beautiful website. Softlink Options designs websites. If you would like to enlist our expertise in designing your website, feel free to CONTACT US.


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