With the explosion of Social Media, the marketing landscape has changed as traditional marketing channels no longer suffice to deliver desired result. Social Media has evolved from being a nuisance to be avoided to a necessary presence for businesses to thrive and connect with both existing and potential customers.

Display ads have evolved from the basic form of banner ads. Nowadays, display ads come as:

  • Static images – these are your basic banner or square ads that appear around the content.
  • Text – these are text ads that are created by algorithms to make text ads relevant to the surrounding content.
  • Floating banners – these move across the screen or float above the regular website’s content.
  • Wallpaper – these appear and change the background of a website, filling the whole page.
  • Popup ads – these are new windows that appear in front of the website content; newly opened window displays the full ad so visitors can see.
  • Flash – these are moving ads that “flash” different content at the viewer.
  • Video – these are small video ads that autoplay or wait for the video to be played by the visitor.

Our Online Marketing Solution is tailor made to help entities in every sector manage and optimize their digital print. Whatever aspect you need to cater to; be it brand positioning,Customer Service, Product Launches, Marketing and lead generation among others, this service is just the solution you need.


Social Media Management

  • Strategy Development
  • Accounts creation and Management
  • Performance Tracking
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • ADs/Promotions Management

Online marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Ad Budget Management
  • Performance Tracking

Suitable for

  1. Individuals- CEO’s, Top management, Industry Opinion Shapers
  2. Small and Medium enterprises
  3. Government Agencies
  4. Non Governmental organizations
  5. Community based organization

Elite Package

  • Single online Media Channel
  • Target Market-Single Country
  • Targeted Impressions- 100,000
  • Website visits- 1,500

Pro Package

  • Single online Media Channel
  • Target Market-Single Country
  • Targeted Impressions- 300,000
  • Website visitors- 5,000

Ultimate Package

  • Single online Media Channels
  • Target Market-Multiple Countries
  • Targeted Impressions- 1,000, 000
  • Website visitors- 10,000

Minimum Campaign Duration is 90days/ 120 days) Channels (Google Ads/ Facebook/Twitter/Linked in)



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