29Sep, 2017

How online presence saves cost and generates income

Let’s take a scenario of a school which prints the fee structure every term and give it to the students to take to their parents. Some parents never receive this fee structures since some of the students are lazy and loose them on their way home. The cost of paperwork and printing can be reduced by having a personalized email addresses.

The email addresses can be used to send the fee structure instantly without too much cost incurred to parent’s email addresses. These email addresses can be found by having a domain name and a hosting package. The hosting package comes with a Cpanel where you can create the email accounts.


For a company which partners with another company to do business, if they don’t have the email addresses they will be forced to send a rider to deliver an invoice for a certain product purchased. This cost can be reduced by having a domain name and a hosting package where you can create the email accounts from. Once you have the personalized email addresses you can use them to send the invoices and other important information.

Having a business email address can create more opportunities for a large farmer or business person. You will be able to participate in e-tender services of the government and companies. Some institutions are very strict such that they can’t allow businesses which don’t have a domain name to participate in their tender process. A domain name is very important in your business.


For organizations you can be able to get donors and sponsors of your projects when you have a good domain and a business email address. Take a situation where you get a donor who is willing to donate funds to your organization and then he asks for a link to your website to see if you are a legitimate organization. He also asks you if you have a domain name registered. Then you realized you don’t have either a website or a domain name. This means you would have lost the big opportunity. For security purpose it is important to have a domain name and a good website in the business world, you never know which opportunity lies ahead in this world.

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