02Oct, 2018

Every business goes through cycles it is what you do during those cycles that makes a difference over time

Life itself is serious of waves flowing in and out from the good, the bad to the ugly to the good once again. However as life flows in and out ultimately the curve moves upwards with a series of depressions here and there. Now business are managed and run by people and as the people experience the rising and falling of life so do the businesses they run. Once you begin to understand this flow of life you appreciate that this is normal and you do not need to change shop or business during the down time but use this time to reflect within the organization and find new paths for growth this could be building a new product or a new market or a new process in the business.

This ensures that when the tide changes it will find you prepared for the meet the needs of your customers effectively. I often find that lying low during the low tide and reflecting helps one to understand their business better and how to serve their customers. This time can also be used to rejuvenate, take a break serve another segment of society such as friends and family to also help you find the necessary balance of life.

I have also find it important that during the downtime while laying low it helps to cut down on certain expenses, send staff on leave during this time for family time. In turn this also means that during the high tide one should then save up for the low tide this insures that you can peacefully live through the down time.

Finally life is a cycle of giving and receiving there needs to be balance between both the giving and the receiving for there to be harmony. It is for this reason that business also have cycles the giving period is down time when you rest, lie low, reflect while the receiving is the uptime when sales soar high and everyone is busy. So do not be in a hurry to change the business just because you are in the down time, live through it knowing that things are bound to bounce back up again.

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