14Jan, 2022

Google Adwords – Benefits

  • Increase brand awareness

Google AdWords, in addition to boosting traffic, clicks, and conversions, is also an efficient way to tell people about your brand.

  • Get intended audience at right time

Just imagine you are into shoes business and you want to attract the young audience. You place a billboard that will attract a young crowd. Yes, near colleges are the best location. But you can target anymore. With the help of Adwords, you can get shoes seekers when they are searching to purchase. This is what we call right audience at right time. This gives more targeting options to the marketers.

  • To measure anything and everything

With Google Adwords, one can measure everything from clicks, impressions, conversion, time spent on the website etc. In addition, It also helps to measure and increase ROI by optimizing the performance based on the data.

  • Potential customers within your reach

On display network, one can reach potential customers with advanced features of targeting the market audience and custom affinity audience. From the different categories of web users, advertisers can customize or select a particular category to narrow down the audience. For example: If you are reading upcoming movie releases, watching movies on the internet, then you are likely to see an ad which is selling customized movie related shirts.

  • Remarketing

It is a common practice that a user checks for  bags, but don’t purchase and leave the site. With Google Adwords, you can target the same user with new ads and new items with a special discount which is known as remarketing campaign. Furthermore, It helps to increase conversion rate.

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