25Mar, 2022

Holistic Social Media Marketing

Holistic social media marketing focuses on developing specialized marketing campaigns across multiple platforms that synergistically form a cohesive social media presence online. This multi-faceted approach aims to address all aspects of social media marketing strategy. This unique marketing practice requires a dedicated team of hardworking experts to pull off successfully. In addition, it is labor-intensive, and knowledge of tracking and interpreting data analytics is a prerequisite.

We live in an attention economy.

The longer you’re able to keep your eyes on your content, the more valuable your online platform becomes. People with a large online following can monetize their social media pages. One can do the same with brands. The holistic social media marketing approach involves expanding your social media presence.

One must have accounts on multiple platforms to increase their reach on social media. An individual or company must tailor each account’s feed to best suit its platform’s algorithm. This is where data analytics skills come in handy. Knowing what kind of content performs best on each platform enables you to carefully curate it to attract as many users to the page. In addition, keeping track of performance and constantly adjusting your strategy is essential to stay relevant online. This content should also be able to generate cross-platform traffic.

Holistic social media marketing and cross-platform traffic

One can generate cross-platform traffic when one can get users that follow them on one social media platform to migrate and view content on other social media platforms. Examples include tweets that link to Facebook posts or Tik-Toks that link to YouTube videos. This helps increase your brand awareness and familiarize new followers with your content as they encounter it more and more while browsing.

Holistic social media marketing and cohesive brand presence

Your brand needs to be everywhere to target as many users as possible. Moreover, your brand’s presence has to be cohesive. This means that you use the same logo and profile picture on each platform. In addition, if possible, the same username. People can easily find you on whichever social media platform they prefer.

Suppose you can maintain the same “personality” across different platforms, even better. For example, suppose your brand has a Twitter account known to implement comedy in its tweets. In that case, having the same sense of humor on your accounts on other platforms helps build a cohesive image of your brand.

What does the future look like?

Holistic social media marketing is a very in-depth topic. This was just a quick primer on what it’s about and how to implement it. The process is ever-changing as new social media platforms will come and go, and the sort of content their algorithm prioritizes will change. One has to be able to adapt quickly to the ever-evolving social media landscape.

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