24Sep, 2018

How Google Advertising changed my Computer Parts Business

As a small business owner selling computer parts I was looking for a way to grow my small business, my little shop at Jamia Shopping complex was getting little visibility, as there were plenty of other vendors selling similar items to me. I had tried the tender business and luck did not seem to be on my side as often got plenty of quotes but whenever I sent my price list for items requested nothing would come through, like many other business owners I had reached my wits end. On day one of my customers who came daily to pick up items mentioned to me how he started advertising his services online and the difference it made to his business. I toyed about with this idea while it seemed exciting I had no skill on where to start and how to do it. As life would have it I went to one of those Seminars held by Kenya Pipeline and there I met a lady who helps business market their products and services online. We had a brief chat and agreed to meet up the following day. She accepted to help me set up a campaign for three months and see the response. After the campaign started it was quite for a while however she asked that I be patient. After three weeks I received my first enquiry from our website, there after we started to receive a call here and there. After about two months calls started to come in daily the calls have not been over whelming however each day we have seen improvement in the number of calls or emails we get and my business has started growing again.

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