19Sep, 2018

How moving my shop to the online space improved my sales over time.

My business had been growing at a very slow pace for 4 years, I was doing the usual, knocking on doors and if found a key decision make I would make my pitch and then send a quote if they were interested I would follow up like crazy until the payment was done. Then I would email them a document to fill in and sign scan and send it me, ask them to send me the cheque, there after I would spend an hour or two setting up the service and call them once the service was running. Sometimes I would try the tender thing, it was hectic One day I was tired of all the up and down and decided I was moving everything online. I used the following steps
1. Purchased a domain name for the online shop and hosting space
2. I started to build a website and online shop with the help of a technical expert this was the longest part it took about 4 months to get it all working right and well tested, now my customers could select a service they were interested in, pay for it online and there after the software behind the website would provision for the service requested.
3. When the shop was ready I started to market it online on social media, I opitimised the pages so that people could find us on Google and paid for some advertising online.
4. Slow slowly we started to see a sign up and another one there, with time the sign ups were weekly and after several months we started to see improvement in the frequency of the sign ups.
5. It has now been a year since the shop was up we have seen more than 1000 customers use our service and this would not have been possible were it not for the online shop.
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