19May, 2014

Internet Statistics- What they mean for your Business

Want to know the latest trends on the internet, then look at the numbers because numbers never lie. According to the latest CCK Report for the quarter ended April 2014, available on the linke below , mobile subscribtions increased marginally by 2.1% from the previous quarter.


This means that there are now more than  30 million mobile subscriptions in Kenya. Given that Kenya’s populations is estimated at 41million. The statistics translate to a mobile phone for every adult Kenyan. Of course this may not be the case even though we know that a large percentage of Adults have mobile phones.  Considering also  that out of the 41 million population more than half are under the age of 18, it follows that there must be a large number of people with more than one phone.
Another interesting statistic is the fact that data and internet use increased by 10%. This large growth in internet use was came from an increase in the  use of mobile phones to access the internet.  This means that the growth of internet use through mobile phones is growing very rapidly at about 30% per year growth as more Kenyans are using their phone for the internet.
One very interesting statistic is the one of Sms.  95% of all sms in the country were sent within  one network.  This means that when it comes to sending sms, the trends are slightly different than phone use and it would make more sense to send an sms on the single network as many people now own more than one phone.

To translate this statistics for business, we can note the following.
Mobile phone use on the internet is increasing and hence getting new customers will mean taking online marketing campaigns to mobile platforms.
Sms use is widespread and using short message services to reach customers will enable you to reach a larger population of the working class than many other forms of communication. Enabling sms capabilities in your website and in your business applications will helpt you tap into this growing business.
As a company specialized in developing web applications, Softlink Options has also witnessed an increasing number of clients who are requesting for web enabled applications. This new clientele are responding to the new trends where a bigger percentage of the population has access to the internet. To tap into this trends, you as a business can upgrade your website to enable you reach a wider audience through these new trends.

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