03Feb, 2014

The difference between an inexperienced and experienced Website developer

We have previously discussed the mistakes that people make when planning their websites including the demand for over the top site and too many images on a single page. Today we look at the next level of mistakes albeit not their fault. These are the mistakes you will see when you decide to take your site to a semi-professional, someone who knows how to code but hasn’t done it enough to know the rules, those that can be bent and those that can be broken. For those who always find that cheap is expensive, look out for:
1.)    Multiple fonts.
Fonts are the website’s handwriting and just as you can tell something about an individual from their writing, the font also speaks volumes about the designer and you, the client. Times New Roman is a decent font, easy on the eyes, legible, so are Calibri, Arial and even Cambria. You can’t however put all three or even four of them on one page and then wonder why people don’t rate your site highly. This is not an MS package course where you must demonstrate that you know how to change the font size, shape and texture to earn a good grade. Pick one and be satisfied. I would have liked to display the multi font effect here however the site admin forces all articles and posts to pick the default theme causing uniformity
2.)    Too many Colours
There are two mistakes made here: one is those who discover you can change font colour, highlight it, and those who fiddle around with background colours. Wachaneni nazo! This is not the rainbow nation that Mandela fought for. The biggest culprits of the former are those designers who think that it’s cool to change the colours of links so that after you click on them they change colour, and of the latter we are looking at you Mr. I need my flowing text to look flashy. If you want colours play a bit here and there with the padding or title but even then be careful.
3.)    Advertisements
Tamaa iliua fisi na ndio itaua site admin. The advertisements are great for revenue but too many of them especially irrelevant ones make it annoying for visitors especially those who are focussed on the core business. I might visit your site to learn how I can lose weight without pills, diets, exercise or prayers, why do I have to learn how I can get my MBA online, how to turn myself into a virile stallion and that I might win an I-phone if I shoot the duck? Yes, they do earn the site money but according to this business tip 101 that I just clicked on they can create distractions and make you lose out in the long run. I’d explain further, but I’m the 100000th visitor on another site, I might have won a million dollars. Money has called, if you have more questions ask the Kenya Website Developers.

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