25Mar, 2022

Minimalistic Web Design

MinimalisticĀ  web design (minimalism) is a design philosophy that seeks to strip down products to their bare essentials and present them aesthetically pleasingly. Recently, this design philosophy has become increasingly popular among web designers. For those who would like to implement this design philosophy during the creation of their website, read on.

Minimalistic web design and modern trends

First, why would one want to choose a minimalistic design for their website? The main reason is people’s attention span has decreased drastically over the past few years. As a result, short-form content has replaced long-form content.

In addition, the demand for such content keeps increasing. Apps such as TikTok have become very popular because of the short-form content they host on their platform. People are more likely to watch something if they don’t think it will consume a considerable chunk of their time. Other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have tried to incorporate this philosophy by adding new features such as shorts and reels. Having a website that has a minimalistic web design means it’s easier for you to keep people browsing your website.


Colour palette

The colours you choose to add to your website are essential for minimalistic web design. At most, I would recommend choosing three primary colours to use on your website and sticking to them. Choose colours that complement each other well. A great place to find colour palettes for your website is colorhunt.co. Web designers worldwide use this website to find inspiration for the color schemes they want to use on their website.

Written content

Keep written content to a minimum unless your website is a blog. Instead, use illustrations, animations, and short videos to engage users. If you must write something, keep it short and to the point. Select easy-to-read fonts that are professional and polished. Ensure the font colour you choose is in stark contrast to the background colour of the webpage.


Do not go overboard with adding buttons all over your website’s pages. Please keep it simple. Include a navigation tab that houses all the essential buttons. That way, you can avoid cluttering the rest of your website by adding unnecessary buttons everywhere. The goal of minimalistic web design is to strip the website down to its essentials and discard the rest.

For those looking for further info about minimalistic design philosophy, I would recommend reading about Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs. He was known for paying careful attention to the design of each apple’s products. Furthermore, he was also known to mercilessly get rid of additional features added by his employees if he deemed them to be unnecessary. This approach had its shortcoming, such as the frequent delay of apple products that the company scheduled to release on specific dates. However, it also led to the sleek design of products such as the iPhone and iPad, widely used by many people today.

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