14Feb, 2014

The Difference between Developing a Program for a PC and Mobile Phone App

The success of mobile programming means that there are many developers who would like to make the leap from being a software developer for desktop/tablet applications to being a developer for mobile phone applications. The differences however are in:
1.    Compatibility
For a mobile phone app to be a success it must be compatible with many different operating systems and given the wide variety, a mobile programmer has to ensure that their application is operable on all otherwise they miss out on a significant portion of the market share. The most popular operating systems are Android from Google, iOS from Apple, Blackberry 10, Symbian from Nokia and Windows Phone. As an independent programmer one must make their application compatible with all these OS and more. For a PC developer, compatibility is almost never an issue due to the complexity level of PC operating systems. Most open source software is easily compatible with all operating systems however once a developer’s applications can operate on Windows and OS X by Mac they can safely distribute their work.
2.    Network consistency
When making a computer application the developer can safely assume that there is constant network connectivity and at times large downloads of information can be facilitated. When developing a mobile application however one must be aware that there will be constant network fluctuation even if the user is in an area with a strong network. With mobile applications particularly in Africa the developer must always be aware that downloading content costs money and not all users of the app might be high spenders and so when developing the app must limit the content that requires downloading. Mobile applications are also used when one is travelling in which case the network will not be consistent.
3.    Customization
Mobile phones are generally private items and therefore the applications developed for it are assumed to be used by a single individual. Mobile applications therefore have a high level of customization and personalization as the assumption is that no one else will access the application on a daily basis. PC applications however must assume that the computer is for the office and even if for home use many people will access it for this reason most PC applications have a log in prompt as the first step to starting operation unlike with mobile applications.

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