24Feb, 2014

Moblie Verses Desktop App

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Questions have been asked about the recent article on differences between mobile applications and desktop applications and for proper examples to be given so here is a proper comparison.
Level of Specialization
Opera browsers have the a synchronization option for those who register that allows you to retrieve your bookmarks, speed dials and RSS feed subscriptions by logging into your account. As a frequent mobile user I would say that this option of retrieving speed dials and bookmarks is much more appreciated on a mobile phone which I use by myself than on a desktop where a quick search will show me what I was looking for. The synchronization option is particularly useful when you replace your phone and when updating your new one. It will save you a lot of time as it gets all your bookmarks and subscriptions in an instant and even if another person borrows your phone out of convenience they can easily catch up on their subscriptions. This just shows how one feature is more appreciated in a mobile phone than a desktop application.

The best example to give here would be seen in comparing a mobile version of Need For speed and the computer/console game. With the PC version they have to consider that you are playing with a partner and therefore they have to install options such as playing it via Bluetooth as well as internet connectivity. The developers of the application assume that a specific time of the day or week is set aside specifically to play this video game. However, developers of the mobile version of the game assume that the game is going to be played primarily to kill time and will be played mostly alone, they therefore design a game that will be constantly disregarded in preference of more urgent matters. The developers also cannot rely on connectivity to make the game more exciting as the player is constantly in movement such as if playing the game while in a matatu. The developers of mobile games will therefore have minimal network connections to be necessary for successful game play as opposed to the desktop developers.

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