27Feb, 2014

Why Small Businesses Must Have a Website

Every small business must have and I repeat, must have a website. The only exception to this rule are neighborhood kiosks, hawkers and businesses which survive on walk in customers.
The first reason why you must have website is,  what else do you have? Lets face it, your business is small, you have no assets,  cash is scarce, then at least have one thing. A website: Period.
The second  reason  is the mere fact that a website is the cheapest way to advertise your products to the largest audience possible. The whole world.  So cheap is this task that any small business can afford to match the  largest organizations in the world in direct competition because online marketing is far cheaper and a little money can take you very far if you know where to put it.
The third reason is  a website will come with a domain. If you invest wisely you will also have your own company email address. With that tool, you can start the process of cheap communication. ‘Cheap’ is the key word. Instead of expensive phone calls describing a long process, you can jump into a cyber, pay the minimum fee and send a well branded email describing your services in detail.  Why insist on face to face meetings? In fact if you do your website well, insist on written email communication only.
Finally your business is small. Its malnourished, if it was human it would be living on maize handouts. This type of business cannot afford a marketing budget on TV or radio. But you can make it online.  Talk to the experts,its so cheap and if you run a good marketing campaign online just follow up with an informative website and you will have customers knocking at your door.

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