01Feb, 2016

Online Marketing Is Paramount Today

Online marketing has become a necessity. You can’t be counted relevant in today’s crowded market if you are not online. A high percentage of internet users use Google to find the products or services they require. Research has shown that 40% of users search for products via twitter and 60% are willing to post about a product or service if they get a deal or a discount on Facebook. To add on that, 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic due to social media campaigns and 79% are generating more quality leads.

The most remarkable feature of online marketing is its capacity to secure millions of viewers beyond the scope of your geography and the fact that users own the opening and closing hours of shopping. Selling to customers goes on 24 hours 7 days a week, at their own pace. There is no need to worry about opening and closing hours. Neither does time differences/variation affect the availability and reach ability of online products and services.

The sophisticated technology plays a big role where businesses communicate directly with their target audiences. However, communicating with the audience is not enough anymore because the need for building sustainable relationships has become a goal to aim at. Just as in the brick-and-mortar world where customer relationship management was considered substantial, online marketing should be treated with the same seriousness. It is very simple; take seriously the feedback and suggestions the audiences provide and watch your business bloom.

Perhaps the ultimate case for incorporating online marketing is; customers are online, therefore being online is not an option. It is a must.” Consumers have too many choices these days and they have to be constantly reminded that you exist. The best way to reach them is where they spend a good bit of time…which is online”, Jenny Servis, Vice President, Marketing for marketing Solutions Company Snap Retail.

While online marketing is very important, one should not fail to realize that everyone has a different need and desire on the internet. Therefore it is highly important to find out exactly what your potential customers want. Woe unto your business if a potential client asks you a question you do not know the answer to. Take time to learn everything there is to learn about the niche you’re going into even if it means reading a whole library, attending training courses or joining forums relevant to your business. The more knowledge you have the better chances you have of offering your customers fresh and enticing information.

See you next time as we discuss ‘How To Get Customers Online’.



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