24Jan, 2014

The Operating System Software war between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve jobs was a revolutionary in the world of IT and his legacy as the first company in thirteen years to dethrone Coca-cola as the most valuable brand in the world. Bill gates was another IT revolutionary whose software company went on to make him the world’s wealthiest brand with a market share of 95% of the Operating System industry. For a long time apple and Microsoft would compete in the Operating System market where Microsoft eventually won. Most people do not know the difference between the two and that is what I will show you today. Steve Jobs was swag, by all its definitions; his presentations, his products, and his strive to be different were things that made this charismatic leader stand out as compared to Bill Gates who appeared more bland, generic and none of his speeches are particularly capturing. Both of them launched Operating System’s but Microsoft won, because Windows was Toyota while Mac was Lamborghini.

The Mac Operating System was hailed for its GUI and all graphic designers will constantly praise its superiority to anything that Micrsoft launched however what windows lost in graphics it more than made up for in simplicity and cost. Yes Mac computers did cost more and provided better services for a niche group of users but not all people need high performance functions more so if they are not in any field of computing. Teachers, secretaries, firemen, police and others all use computers in their daily lives but none of them need the highest performing machines to perform their daily operations hence I say Microsoft is like Toyota, has a big market share, sells a large number of vehicles but it has yet to be identified as the best by the connoisseurs, Mac was like a Lamborghini, tailored for specific purposes to a niche clientele and are not engaging in price wars. It was too bad that jobs admitted to losing the Operating System war because had he seen it from this point of view he would have realized that they were not even fighting for the same people. As to who Softlink Options targets, I’ll leave that to you the client to decide.

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