29Sep, 2018

A business that I started from home and has continued to thrive even during the hard economic times

Selling domain names, hosting space and designing websites is not the regular business women opt to start. One there is some learning you need go through before you can confidently…

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28Sep, 2018

10 Tips on how to prepare yourself to participate in tenders

A few years ago i participated in applying for tenders, unlike today when there are tender briefings by most state agencies, you had to to learn to swim through the…

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26Sep, 2018

5 Basic tips when selling shoes online and more so on Facebook

I started selling shoes online a few years ago and over time i have been able to build a stable business, i stock most shoes in my home store while…

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24Sep, 2018

How Google Advertising changed my Computer Parts Business

As a small business owner selling computer parts I was looking for a way to grow my small business, my little shop at Jamia Shopping complex was getting little visibility,…

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19Sep, 2018

How moving my shop to the online space improved my sales over time.

My business had been growing at a very slow pace for 4 years, I was doing the usual, knocking on doors and if found a key decision make I would…

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