19May, 2014

Internet Statistics- What they mean for your Business

Want to know the latest trends on the internet, then look at the numbers because numbers never lie. According to the latest CCK Report for the quarter ended April 2014,…

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16May, 2014

Tips to Make your Website Popular

You have invested a lot and finally got that website that you really wanted. Its design is just what you wanted and the colour scheme fits exactly what you specified.…

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12May, 2014

Is your Information Technology Department up To Date

Information Technology is no doubt the fastest changing industry in today’s world. Just to put in perspective the speed of the change, lets compare IT to the building Industry. While…

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05May, 2014

.co.ke domain over dot com domain

The advantage of a .co.ke domain over dot com domain. The choice of a domain name is a serious consideration for any one selecting a domain name. Normally the choice of…

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03Mar, 2014

Why Websites sometimes Crash

Sometimes websites will go down and I.T experts like us will respond with the statement that the site has crashed. Most people don’t understand what happens or the main causes…

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