31Jul, 2013

Payroll Made Easy

Recently i met an accountant who was complaining to me about processing payroll and how he has 12 excel sheets that he needs to update monthly, each with 500+ staff names, first there was the Paye sheet, then the NSSF, NHIF, HELB, SACCO contributions list, Loan Repayment list, Salary advance list, etc. His main problem being errors made on some of the reports and how seeking refunds for the over payments was a lengthy affair, while on the other hand under payments attracted penalties and his boss was now threatening him if he did not make an improvement.

I asked him if he had tried any payroll software to at least automate routine tasks and just print payslips and he had not.

I quickly took it upon myself to introduce Quick Payroll and after using it for only two days feeding in initial data and processing the first salary with it and he says it took less time compared to the excel worksheets he had and had fewer errors. I cannot wait until he works on it the second month since it will take less than an hour to do it.

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