12Jun, 2018

Top Reasons you must have Payroll Software.

Any company with staff is required to process pay slips and issue them. Processing pay slips can be tiresome and strenuous if you do it manually hence the need for automation. So why should you use payroll software to process pay slips?

Reasons to use QP software

  • First, the payroll software is automated which means everything shall be done online from capturing employee personal details to processing of payslips.
  • Secondly, the payroll software has a feature which enables clerks to send payslips directly to employees’ email addresses. This is quite easier since employees can access their payslips via email.The security of the e-payslip
  • The software has statutory compliance. As you process payroll there are statutory deductions that you must make such as NHIF, NSSF,PAYE and others. Quick Payroll software enables processing of statutory deductions.
  • You can also prepare P9 report at the end of the year using Quick Payroll software. We all know P9 form is an important document when filing your tax returns.P9 form is handed over to employees by the employer.
  • With QP Software there is reduction in errors. Errors can be costly e.g. if you do miscalculation of PAYE for most employees it can ruin everything.
  • Tracking of payments, deductions and contribution e.g. SACCOs, housing, pension. For example Buck safaris is processing payslips of 2000 employees in a month and there are contributions that change on a monthly basis. This can be time consuming since one has to have 2 to 3 clerks working on payroll and this can be reduced to one person with the QP software.
  • Quick Payroll enhances preparation of payroll reports. These reports have to be approved by the CEO.
  • Preparation of your bank payment file. When you have many employees QP helps in preparation of the file which you cab upload it to Mobile/online banking portal.
  • Prepares itax file that you can quickly upload to itax portal. When the format changes you can easily edit the file and upload it again.

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