22Aug, 2014

Popular Websites

What makes some websites more popular than others? This is a question many of us who are going online for the first time wonder and many try to make popular websites and often fail miserably. It is good to note that there is no magic formula to a popular websites however there are few tips i can share with you that i have learned over the years:

1. Unique Subject: if you can communicate to a unique set of people or a unique group of people and they start to find your site useful then you are on the right track.

2. Rich Content: Secondly you need to make your content rich, by this i mean it has got to be interesting to read or useful to your unique visitors.

3. Fresh Content: Your content needs to change as frequently as possible, if your corporate information cannot change have a blog section or a forum where you can post stories and interesting ideas, alternatively the content may be user generated so a market place or social network my enhance the unique content.

4. Easy to read and navigate: Finally the page needs to be easy to read having font that are small and illegible does not help anyone or a font colour that is so faint that one has to strain to read. Also have a complex site that is difficult to navigate around or crowded with so much data will lead to confusion instead of popularity.

Hope these tips can help you improve your website and make it a popular website soon

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