29Jan, 2022

Restaurant Domain Name

For regular followers of this blog, you’ve probably gotten a good understanding of domain names and subdomains. I have discussed this in length in previous articles. I have also written on specifics such as salon domain names and retail store domain names. This article will highlight things you should consider when choosing a restaurant domain name.

The length of your Restaurant Domain Name. 

First, how long is your restaurant’s domain name? Is it more than three words long? If so, try to make it shorter. Short names are memorable. Also, they make your business appear more professional. Look at the difference between these two domain names: shoes.com versus buyusedshoesoverhere.com. Which one sounds more professional? The shorter one. This same concept can be applied when choosing the domain name of your local restaurant. Moreover, shorter domain names are easier to share. If you want to get more customers, make a short domain name that pre-existing customers can easily share.


Does your name match your brand? It would be best if your domain name contained your restaurant’s name. If that’s not possible, you should still find a way to ensure that the name you choose represents your brand. People should be able to associate your domain name with your restaurant easily. That way, your brand will be visible both online and offline.

Is it easy to spell and pronounce?

Your local restaurant’s domain name should be easy to spell. Suppose it’s in your areas local language. In that case, that’s even better as most people will be able to pronounce easily and spell it. Ensuring your domain name is easy to pronounce is essential to spread via word of mouth organically. Making sure it’s easy to spell ensures that those who search for your website can easily find it.

Keywords for the Restaurant Domain Name

The strategic use of keywords in your restaurant domain name is essential to optimize it for search engines. For example, if your restaurant serves Ethiopian cuisine, using the keyword Ethiopian in your domain name makes it easier for people searching for Ethiopian restaurants to find your restaurant. Do the research and find out what keywords work best for your target market.

Restaurant Domain Name Extension

Depending on the physical location of your restaurant, try using a domain extension that reflects that. For example, the domain extension .co.ke is good to use in Kenya. Of course, one can also opt for the tried and tested .com extension. You cannot go wrong with it. It is the most popular and easily recognizable extension. However, try a local extension if you want to optimize your domain name for customers in your area.

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