28Jan, 2022

Retail Store Domain Name

For regular followers of this blog, you’ve probably gotten a good understanding of domain names and subdomains. I have discussed this in length in previous articles. This article will look at five things you should consider when choosing a retail store domain name.

The length of your retail store domain name is critical.

In general, it’s best to choose a short name. Shorter domain names are easy to type and easy to remember. However, sometimes choosing a long name may not be the best option. For example, suppose your brand is already established and is now moving to an online retail space. In that case, sticking to your current name is the better option. Many of your clients already know your brand. You’ve already established brand awareness. You’re probably seeking brand consistency and loyalty. 

Consider using a keyword.

When choosing a retail store domain name, try to include keywords that indicate the niche you are operating in. What do I mean by that? For example, if you sell shoes, have “shoes” in your domain name. If you sell clothes, include clothes in your domain name. This improves your website’s SEO and will help boost traffic.

Choose a unique retail store domain name.

Furthermore, when choosing a retail store domain name, go for a unique name. These names are more memorable and help separate you from the competition. Online retail recently became a huge thing post-covid 19 as most businesses adjusted to the restrictions imposed by governments. As a result, the space is saturated, and one needs to stand out.

Consider what kind of extension you would like

Also, when choosing a retail store domain name, think of what extension you want to use. Most people go for the .com extension. It is the safest and most well option. However, you have more options available to you. As an online retail store owner, you might want to consider the .shop extension. Also, a local extension such as .co.ke is a good idea. It helps get the right people to view your website, those customers close to you.

Avoid perfect and go with the good.

People tend to get stuck searching for the perfect name. That is understandable. Naming your website is an important task. It is your site’s identity. Like naming your child, you want to spend a reasonable amount of time thinking about a good name. This retail store domain name may probably end up serving you for many years. Nevertheless, do not spend all your time trying to come up with a perfect name. As long as it’s good enough and no other company uses it, you’re good to go.


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