15Sep, 2017

How Safari Africa Grew it Business Online

Years ago when i ventured into business i was convinced that companies could harness a lot more from the internet and i wanted to show them how. However i quickly learnt that what works for one company will not work for another company even if they are in the same industry and believe they do the same services of products. So while engaging with different customers i always gave them a series of activities they could on online to enhance their presence and also grow their sales. Sometimes i even suggested some offline activities they could use to support their online activities. Some companies took the advice seriously and others ran with the advice for a short time and then went back to there old ways. 10 years later those who were consistent still stand strong.
Safari Africa(Name has been changed) was one such company that heeded my advice these are the three things they did to enhance they online presence.

Enhancing Business Process online:
The got a brand new website that would enhance they business process, as it allowed them to post the different types of packages that a traveler would be interested in each package had the full day by day itinerary, price, pictures and amenities and a booking form to allow for easy conversion of visitors. This reduced office work of having to keep on emailing different packages or getting rates for custom packages all the time.

Search Engine Optimization:
They optimized the website so that travelers all over the world looking for travel options within East Africa would find them easily on Google, they also got a Domain Name that had the key words Safari and Africa on it.

Online Partnerships:
I proposed that they look for online agencies in different countries that show case safari packages either for free or charge a small fee. They did this with several agencies. This was the game changer, they found one agencies that as luck would have it had no packages for Africa and had visitors who were looking for Africa holiday packages, and before they knew it there was an avalanche of inquiries daily. When the hospitality industry here in Kenya was on the decline after the post election violence they were growing from strength to strength.

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