19Jan, 2022

School Website: Is it necessary?

In today’s technologically advanced world, having a school website is essential in ensuring that your institution is visible to those interested in it. In addition, physically gathering information about a school has become more complicated due to the restrictions on movement brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic affected the admission process and the holistic learning process. Over 100 million additional children will fall below the minimum proficiency level in reading as a result of the health crisis. Therefore, schools need to ensure they have a website that represents them well to combat this problem.

The school website and brand visibility

A good school website is vital to giving learners an excellent first impression of looking to join your school. More often than not, a school website is the first contact people have with a school. A website shows people that you are keeping up with the times and aren’t afraid of change. In addition, a well-designed school website is a great way to market your school. Communicating your school’s mission, vision and history through your website will make potential clients aware of all that your school offers. This will give you an edge over competitors that lack a website.

The school website is an important marketing tool. 

A website provides your school with a platform to display its achievements. Posting your achievements on the website is a great way to attract students, significantly if your school has recently outperformed other schools in your area. For example, did your school perform well in national examinations? Showcase that performance on your school’s website. Did your school win an award at the National music and drama festivals? Showcase this accomplishment on your website. This improves your school’s brand and ensures that stakeholders are aware of your achievements.

School websites improve the efficiency of the admission process.

First, parents searching for a new school for their children usually research before deciding what school to send their children to. They require some basic information, such as a basic fee structure, location of the institution, etc., that can be made readily available on your school’s website. Having a central place where parents can find credible information about your school makes it easier for parents to do their due diligence. As a result, they are more likely to select your school than a competitor’s.

Lastly, it has become increasingly challenging to submit applications to schools. Therefore, school websites can also allow learners to submit applications to join their preferred institute of learning. In addition, it accommodates those who cannot travel to your school to submit their applications. Schools can achieve this by uploading all the application forms on the website. Students can download and fill in these forms, scan any supporting documents they need, and upload them directly to the website. This reduces the hustle of going through emails individually searching for applications which is a tedious task. 

The school website is an essential communication tool.

A school website is a great place to post important announcements. For example, do you have a critical school event coming up, such as an annual prize-giving day? Give a notification on your school’s website. Are you organizing a community outreach program and require volunteers? Post about it on your school’s website. These announcements on the website will keep parents and students in the loop. It requires less work than sending out emails or physical letters to each family.

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