10Feb, 2022

9 Tips for Selling Bags Online

Selling bags online has never been easier. This is because the internet has connected millions of people. Therefore, selling online is a great way to make money selling readily marketable stuff (e.g., selling functional items such as sunglasses or handbags).

Before selling your first product, you have to think about how you will sell it. Are you selling on an e-commerce website? Or are you selling on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, etc.?

I will focus on companies that intend to sell bags online on their e-commerce website. Here are 9 tips for selling successfully that will help buyers trust your store and buy with confidence:

Clear images are essential in selling bags online.

Images are critical when selling bags online. Ensure that all photos of your bags are of a high resolution. In addition, whether selling on an e-commerce site or not, you should ensure that your clients can see your product from as many angles as possible.

The more pictures you have, the better. Include photos of the bags from different angles and use close-ups to show stitching or small details. Do not shy away from investing in professional photography for quality images. Standing out is critical in selling bags online.

In addition, videos are helpful in convincing clients to purchase your product. Four times as many consumers would rather watch a product video than read a product description. You can use the videos in several ways. First, use them to tell the story of the brand. Also, you can use the videos as a sales pitch to increase conversion.

A good product description is critical when selling bags online.

The description should include as much information as necessary. Size, material, color, price, etc., are all critical information the buyer requires for decision-making. It also helps sell if you include small details like “Made in France” or “American Designer Label.” This is part of your unique selling position.

Quick navigation on your website.

The quickest way to lose a customer/buyer is by making them think they have reached the wrong selling website. They shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time to find what they want. For selling bags online, ensure that all necessary links are available on the Home page. For example: “Shop All Bags”, “New Arrivals”, “Bag Search” etc. Create a positive user experience on your website. It will be beneficial in building your brand.

Regularly updating your website is vital when selling bags online.

Remember to keep your selling page updated constantly with selling information. This will help in building trust with your clients. It is not ideal for a client to view an advertised product on your website and then, upon inquiry, realize that the bag is not in stock. In addition, regular website updates improve your optimization. This increases your chances for visibility online.

Multiple payment options

Multiple payment options are critical when selling bags online. This ensures you cater to all potential clients. For example, some clients prefer cash payments, while others prefer paying via credit and other mobile money options.

In addition, use trust symbols for payment options. As online selling grows globally, companies are transacting more via e-commerce websites. Hence, trust symbols become more important for selling online specifically. For example, in the case of payment via PayPal, have the PayPal logo on the website. This indicates that potential buyers can safely pay for goods through the website.

Timely Delivery

Delivery should happen within a couple of days after receiving payment. Ensure that this delivery information is present on your selling site. It will allow buyers to know exactly when they will receive their order. It also gives confidence to the buyer knowing that you are delivering quickly and efficiently.

In addition, ensure you indicate your contact information on the selling page or the contacts page on your website. Furthermore, offer feedback options to clients. This will enable you to understand how to improve your product.


Testimonials are effective in several ways when selling bags online. First, they portray credibility and build trust. Trust and credibility are important factors when building your brand. Secondly, testimonials enable a company to market its unique selling positions. Thirdly, testimonials offer potential buyers reassurance that they are making the right decision.

Finally, testimonials build and maintain relationships.

Take advantage of social media when selling bags online.

In a June 2021 survey, 35% said social media ads influenced purchasing decisions. The number jumped to 75% for Gen Z respondents. Therefore, it would be foolish to ignore social media platforms when selling bags online. The more platforms one can market and sell their products, the better.

However, social media platforms differ in demographics and algorithms. First, understand the different social media platforms. Next, understand how to track metrics and analytics on each platform. These analytics will guide your sales strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

It is impossible to talk about selling bags online and not mention search engine optimization. one can do optimization in several ways. First, as previously mentioned, update your website regularly.

Secondly, understand and use keywords to increase your chances of visibility online.

Finally, create an optimized blog and regularly update it. The blog not only increases your chances of visibility but showcases your knowledge of the product.

These tips will help you sell bags online successfully. If selling bags online is part of your business plan, this can help you improve the selling process. Eventually, you will increase your sales conversions and build brand loyalty.

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