04Oct, 2018

The value of building business relationships first before trading

I had never looked at this very important aspect of business, when i started business 10 years ago i was always pushing a sale and i could push the numbers as i new my technical stuff well. I knocked on doors daily and made the sale. Six months later i was exhausted and i needed to change tactic i needed to use a different method. If i was going to run the business till they kingdom come i had to enjoy it and currently i was not enjoying it. So i started to work differently, i started to help people become more successful in their own business using my skills. I gave them tips to help them improve online sales, I trained their staff on stuff they could do in the office and did not need to get a consultant to help, such as optimizing their websites, to understanding business process and the how automation of process adds a competitive advantage to the business.

Today i look at the many WhatsApp groups, many created to sell items and members cry that the return on time invested is not worth it. However i have for the past year been in over 20 groups keenly observing and the most successful people or groups are those that first invest time in building relationship first then business after.

Here people invest time in sending personal messages to help others or teach others and over time begin to sell something or even meet up for a social cause. The same can be said with Social media. It is not just posting links and following for the sake of gaining more likes or follows but posting information and sharing information that is informative and helps others. Participating in groups by first giving there time, skill and themselves.

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