16May, 2014

Tips to Make your Website Popular

You have invested a lot and finally got that website that you really wanted. Its design is just what you wanted and the colour scheme fits exactly what you specified. The only problem is people are just not visiting it.  It is now a cost centre instead of a revenue center that it should be. So how do you get more people to visit your website. See tips on how to make your website popular below.

Tip 1. Optimize your website.  

Many people who are not technically inclined do not know that a website can be optimized for search engine location. This means it is possible to build certain features into your website so that when a google search is performed, your website ranks high on the listing. Search Engine Optimization normally referred to as SEO is a task done by the website builder and requires you to have certain input such as. Who is your target market? What key words are potential clients likely to use when searching for your services online.  As you do this its worth remembering that a website that is very well optimized will have very high rankings, which will result in plenty of new visitors to your website. You better be ready for that.

Tip 2  Add social media sharing buttons to your website.

One of the best ways to market your website is to make it easy for users to share your content. To do this you should add social media buttons to all pages and products that you would like spread virally.  This is especially so for articles in your blog or information portal that would be interesting to other people.

Tip 3 Ensure that your information portal is of high standard.

Good content markets itself. People visit the internet for information and when that information comes from a website and not Wikipedia it is even better as it makes your site an authority in a certain topic. When you put the effort into building and promoting informative articles, the natural result is more traffic to your website via shares and referrals.
Tip 4  Eliminate website errors.

If the search engines aren’t able to index your website properly you are probably not  receiving all the search traffic you should be. To check if this is the problem you need to consult a professional or if you are technically inclined check you google webmaster tool for common errors.

Tip 5 . Comment on other posts and websites . 

Leaving valuable comments on other websites’ blogs can be a great way to build traffic back to your own site.  Most people like to know who has followed them and so a good way to make them follow you is to follow them.

Tip 6 – Market on other websites.

There are some websites that are very popular and attract a great number of visitors due to the nature of information they carry. News portals fall in this group and so just like you would, place adds on the news portals that may be visited by your potential client. This should attract a large number of people to your site.

Tip 7   Maintain an Information Centre.

Maintaining an industry relevant information center, you are able to attract a large number of people who want to update themselves with the latest trends in the industry.  An example of how to maintain an information centre is a hotel that keeps its clients updated with the latest tourist offerings in its vicinity and information pertaining to visiting that area. This will make readers check the site from time to learn to get the latest information on the are and keep in tune with the hotel.

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