01Oct, 2018

To grow your business you must first grow yourself

After running the same business for the last 10 years i have come to appreciate that every time i needed to move up to the next revenue figure i had to grow myself to prepare to for the next level of income. In my first year of operating a home business i made ksh 500,000/- from no income to half a million of shillings i was overjoyed, most of this month went back into growing the business. My second year i quickly doubled my turnover to 1m and still from my home again most of it went to growing the business. I moved office to a shared office, and hit my target in year 3 i once again doubled my income, by now i started having what you call over heads such as staff wages, rent air time, travel, and everything else that comes with growth pains.


On year 4 I hit a plateau and for 3 years nothing changed on the revenue lines, the business was not growing, it was stagnant, i made excuses and excuses and more excuses then after a year i started to work on the business put in structure, look at the business internally, i fixed alot of things, i put in processes for everything, i went for lots of short courses, i worked on our website, i fixed and fixed and fixed, honestly alot of things had never been addressed. nothing changed, until i joined a networking group that meets weekly and met other entrepreneurs. This helped and once again started to see a growth in revenue, by watching and listening to other business owners and interacting with them they helped me see some gaps in myself that i was not seeing and appreciating and when i addressed these gaps in myself my business started to grow again.

Two years later i would hit another plateau, i had gotten used to my entrepreneur friends, this time i was much wiser, i realized i did not need to others to reflect back to me gaps within me, i had reached the point where i knew that gaps are always there in me and i need to address them through continuous learning, meeting new people, exploring new grounds. I know approach life from the point i am aware i do not know enough for the next level of revenue and must continue to learn and live life as an exciting adventure where i grow myself first, then the people around me then the business grows.

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