14Jan, 2022

Trademark and Domain Name

A registered trademark is a powerful option when it comes to protecting your brand. However, whether you need to register your it and license your domain name will depend on your circumstances.

Companies use trademarks to differentiate their business from their competitors. The registered trademark owner has the exclusive right to use the trademark relating to the brand’s goods and services.

However, trademarks don’t apply to domain names. Companies carry out licensing of domain names on behalf of KENIC on a first-in, first-served basis. Therefore, a trademark application or registration does not automatically entitle you to the domain name license.

If someone has licensed a domain name the same as or similar to your trademark, you need to lodge a complaint with KENIC. However, this only applies to the .ke country code – it doesn’t extend to other countries, nor generic top-level domains such as .com or .org regulated by other bodies. Find out more about KENIC domain name disputes.

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