05Aug, 2014

Web Hosting Services

The topic of focus today is web hosting and web hosting services. Web hosting basically involves making ones website accessible via the World Wide Web. It is a very powerful tool for individuals and organisations with the option of storing information, images, video or any other content that one wishes to publish on their website or on the web in general.  A web hosting service is a term used to describe the type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

The companies which provide this service are known as web hosts. They provide space on servers they own for use by their clients and in addition they also provide internet connectivity to their clients. They also provide data centre space and connectivity for clients on servers they do not own.  As a webhost, one is the landlord to a number of websites and one bears the responsibility of providing the address, internet access, customer support, technical support, the storage space and many other hosting services which individuals and small or big businesses will need in order to keep their websites operational.

The field of web hosting has diversified a lot in the present day and the types of web hosting services one can get is numerous. The most fundamental service that a web hosting company provides is the facility where web pages and other files can be uploaded by the protocol F.T.P (File Transfer Protocol) or other web interface. The main characteristic of this type of web hosting is that the files uploaded are done with little or no processing. In most instances it is a free service offered by web hosts. The main problem with this hosting is that it is insufficient for complex sites. If you intend to have a complex website, you will need to have a service that provides database support and also application development platform. These facilities are required to write and install scripts for applications.
If for example your website is based on e-commerce services or services that involve the electronic transfer of money, one will also need to have a security protocol such as Secure Sockets Layer (S.S.L) or Transport Layer Security (T.L.S) so as to secure the data in your web pages due to the sensitive private data such as bank accounts and credit card numbers. Such information may be used maliciously if obtained by the wrong people.
These are just part of the basic facts regarding web hosting services which vary in terms of type and complexity.

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