28Jan, 2022

What are Subdomains and why use them?

What are subdomains?

Subdomains are extensions you can add to your primary domain name. For example, if you have a domain called mywebsite.com, a subdomain could be store.mywebsite.com.

Why have subdomains?

Subdomains are treated as separate from your main website by search engines. This means that you can gain similar benefits to creating a brand new website without actually creating one. So why would you want to do that?

Content for your subdomains

Most websites are optimized for particular content and have a single focus. However, suppose you want to post content that complements your website’s primary goal. In that case, getting a subdomain is very useful. For example, perhaps you have a website specializing in showcasing vintage cars. After receiving plenty of feedback from fans of your website, one day, you decide that it would be a good idea to add a forum to your website. This would allow people to discuss these cars. An excellent way to implement this forum would be to create a subdomain such as forum.vintagecars.com. This would allow those who want to join the forum to have a separate space.


A challenge many people tend to face is not having enough money to pay for creating an entirely new website. Registering a new domain name costs money. One way to solve this issue is by using a subdomain. It is free to do so and thus eliminates that problem.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Another challenge those who run websites face is creating good websites that run smoothly on phones and tablets. A skilled programmer can create one website which runs smoothly on different platforms. However, hiring such programmers is costly. Instead of hiring new staff, you can create different copies of your website optimized for each platform—mobile-friendly and one another that is desktop-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization For your Subdomains.

As previously mentioned, search engines treat subdomains as entirely separate websites. If used creatively, subdomains can be a great way to boost the search engine ranking of your main website. You can use them to build back-links to your main webpage hence increasing traffic to your website. Furthermore, it allows you to have your main website focused on one niche, which also helps improve your search engine ranking.

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